Welcome to the Vostro Institute of Training Australia, we are LEADERS in flexible and customised workplace & classroom based training programs.

Community Services Courses

This qualification is for people who want to explore community work in all areas. You will learn about the community services sector and explore specific contexts of work and develop key skills in communication, information provision and processing, administration support, networking, and group support.

Aged Care Courses

This course will enable new and existing aged care workers to broaden their skills base and knowledge, to increase employability and inform all levels of work in both residential aged care and community based facilities.

Warehousing Courses

Acquire skills to perform a broad range of skilled applications including evaluating and analysing current warehousing practices and developing new criteria and procedure for performing current warehousing practices.

Retail Courses

These courses provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in retail operations and/or supervision with the need to apply discretion and judgement. Work would be undertaken in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores and retail fast food outlets.

Business Courses

This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge to manage human and financial resources within a business environment. The qualification provides pathways into administration and management as well as the specific occupational areas of personal assistant, human resource officer, executive officer, bookkeeper, finance clerk, office supervisor,

Manufacturing Courses

Our courses teach the fundamentals of Lean manufacturing, Lean production or just ‘Lean’. We provide tools, knowledge and skills for establishing work systems and practices that support immediate and ongoing improvements to a business, targeting improvements in efficiency, waste reduction, customer service, employee morale and costs.

Management Courses

This is a practical, hands-on course which develops entrepreneurial, creative and innovative approaches to managing people, managing finances, managing projects and continuous improvement and compliance.

Health Services Courses

Develop a career caring for patients in hospitals as an assistant to professional health staff. You will train to work with patients under supervision. You will undertake a range of routine tasks and gain knowledge of transporting patients, preparing and maintaining beds, following basic food safety practice, infection control and basic medical terminology.